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ㆍPort Traffic Management Service Center : Channel 14,16 (Ulsan Port Service)
ㆍPilot : Channel 13 (Ulsan Pilot)
ㆍLocal Agent : Channel 16 (via Ulsan Radio)
ㆍ 2 hour notice : ETA ?should be reported for berthing and/or anchoring information
ㆍ 2 mile notice : Approaching course and speed should be reported to identify each vessel
※ Vessels needing pilotage must contact Ulsan Pilot as well as Ulsan Port Service
ㆍ Shifting report : Each vessel should do shifting report before and after her action
ㆍ Departure report : Notice should be given for the identification and the navigational information
!! Any contravention against above necessary reports will be fined 1,000,000₩ (Korean Won)!!
ㆍ to keep listening on Ch.14 always within and near Ulsan harbour
(even he's passing-by Ulsan harbour through the designated area)
ㆍ to confirm vessel's anchor position often and, if needed, to make any safety action immediately
ㆍ and to keep clear Ulsan harbour at least 10 miles off while he is drifting near by Ulsan
Port Traffic Management Service Center Radar, CCTV, VHF and VHF-DSC ㆍDetection and identification on vessel's around Ulsan harbour
Hwa-Am Chu light house Radar, VHF Direction Finder,
VHF and meteorological analyzer
ㆍWeather check
ㆍInformation on traffic and weather
Bong-Dae Mountain Micro-Wave Relay ㆍDate transmission between service
center and light house.
Pilot Station Lat. 35˚24´ 16˝ N
Long.129˚25´ 15˝ E
Pilot boarding point but is subject to change case by case
Racon on Ulsan E.breakwater Lat. 35 ˚27´ 48˝ N
Long.129˚24´ 08˝ E
with morse of "O"
Racon on SK C buoy(mooring buoy) Lat. 35˚25´ 42˝ N
Long.129˚23´ 27˝ E
with morse of "C"
Hwa-Am-Chu L ight House Lat. 35˚28´ 10˝ N
Long.129˚24´ 37˝ E
Generally, the anchor position in E-1,2 and 3 anchorage is measured by bearing and istance from this light house